TransAm 20000: First Blender Project (posted here)

Well, hello, I’m new to Blender Artists, and as for 3D modelling, I started like a year ago probably, but I got to the point that I really need some good feedback. So, well, this is my 4th project, a replica of the TransAm 20000 that appeared in an Anime movie called Redline, and It’s probably the most complex model I’ve made to date, the others where some Planets and Spacescapes.
Well, I just want to see what you people have to say about it. To be honest, I still have some problems figuring out the Materials too look exactly as I want, for example, I sometimes get the feeling that the metal doesn’t look like actual metal and so on. Yes, I’m using the Blender Render, I still get lost using Cycles.
It almost looks finished, but there are some parts missing, like the internal engine, and some textures.
Thanks in advance.