Transfer animation from BVH to rig

i am new to blender and facing a problem i can’t solve.
I want to integrate different animations from BVH-files to my rigged model.
I want to export the animations on the model as FBX for gaming.
So far I imported a rig animated rig from a BVH-file and used Blender Mocap tools to set copy rotation constrains from the animated source to my rig. So far no problem.

Now I want to make the animation part of my armature. I tried to set new Keyframes at my selected armature. But when I delete the imported source it seems no transforms are saved.

How to solve this?

Select the bvh file then select your armature to bake, press space bar then search for “bake action” select “clear constraints” and select “pose” deselect everything else.
you can now delete the bvh armature

this did it!!!

It created a n ew action!

Another trick you may want to know about is, sometimes after baking, things may not come out perfect, this means the data from the BVH file was not copied perfectly over to your rig. If this happens, you need to bake a second time. The more times you bake the better the BVH data gets copied over to your Rig. I find that baking twice does the trick i don’t think you need to do more than that. If you have to bake more than twice then your dealing with a different issue.