Transfer Camera from 3ds max to blender

Hi there, GOODDAY
I just want to know a way i could transfer the camera parameters from 3ds max to blender. As I tried to track the camera in 3ds max camera tracking tool and i want to transfer it into blender to match. Any script and other method. Also important to me is can i know now to set/control different function in blender camera by scripting like aperature, film back, f-stop/exposure etc.

Please guide.

You might find that useful. Blender internal renderer has no DOF button but so no Apperture, but there are ways to fake it. Yafray (see render options in F10 buttons) does support DOF. Film Back you could also probably fake with Aspect Values in the same buttons in the Format tab (but no Tilt and Slide). F-Stop and Exposure can be set in the World Buttons (hit F5 with your mouse cursor in the buttons window a few times till you see a panel labeled World), Add New from the menu and you’ll see Exposure and Range and a hidden panel Ambient Occ. All three will work together to to give pretty good control.