Transfer color from shader to another mesh hair particle?


So I have this toon shader on the right, creating this cartoon toon like color on the object.

The object on the left has hair particles on it. I want the hair particle to take on the color of the right mesh.

I tried putting the toon shader on the left object, but the self-shadow and shadow from the hair particle ruined the color.

Thank you.

Idea: convert shader color to vertex color (i heard that this is possible with addon? and the other day a played a little with it) and then Data Transfer Modifier … there is something with vertex colors… (never used that myself)…

I don’t know if you’ve seen this but I think it may help.

I think you are referring to this addon?

I tried it, but sadly, I think that it use Cycle to bake, so when I am using Eevee with “shader to rgb” node which is not in Cycle, it crash.

But the left object with toon color actually come from this tutorial, but I try add hair to it.