Transfer fur from another model

Hi guys. Is there a way to transfer groomed fur from one model to another?

I am working on a project with a bunch of other people. The main character is a ram with fur on it, and I am in charge of grooming the fur. The problem is, the people that are doing the modeling on the ram keep changing the model (every couple months). And every time the model changes, the fur gets corrupted. They do the modeling using another software package (not sure if that matters…). So, it would be nice if there was a way I could transfer the fur, without having to redo the fur every time.

Im not sure if there is a way. But one suggestion is to have a seperate model for the fur linked to a deform mesh. The mesh is transperant and fits over the model. once the model is altered just simply alter your deform mesh to fit. Be careful of the modifier stack, as you alter the mesh depending on your stack you may get alterations.

This sounds like a case of a bad workflow. Fur grooming is dependent upon mesh geometry, so that geometry should be frozen before moving on. It’s like animation; you should not start animating an armature if the armature is not finalized yet.