Transfer or bake ambient occlusion to vertex color. Blender 2.8

Is there a way to bake ambient occlusion directly or indirectly (using textures and transfers) to object vertex color?

if you know Mount blade Warband this game… the mod tools Call the Openbrf… maybe you can use it for bake ao.

export ply to blender.

the openbrf can be bake ambient occlusion directly

To be honest that is way to complicated.

Blender 2.8 Abandon this feature…in fact, i really hope blender2.8 rejoin the feature. bake to vertex color.

beacuse some old game engine… this very usefully.

Even new game engines, this is usefully! :smiley: Lack of any vert baking functionality is my one big problem with 2.8. :frowning: