Transfer Properties

Is there a way to transfer properties of one object, to another which is in a different scene?

I have tried the message and copy property acuator, but they don’t seem to work.

Cube is in scene 1 with health at 50.

cube.001 is in scene 2 with health 100.

cube.001 is copying cube’s health property/cube sends a property message

when I switch from scene 1 to scene 2 ingame, shouldn’t cube.001 have health at 50?


No. There are basically 3 ways of keeping variables constant over scenes. 2 of them require python.

The first is to have your variables stored in an overlay scene. When you switch scenes, the overlay scene should stay there (I can’t remember how this works now, but you may have to have your “main” scene be the one that holds the properties and add your main scene as a background scene instead). You used to be able to use the copy property actuator to copy properties from overlay scenes to the main scene.

The second is to use the message actuator. If you send a message (using the message actuator) at the same time as you switch scenes, you can receive that sent message on the first frame of the new scene. To access the sent data, you have to use some python. Here’s an example:


message.blend (146 KB)

It worked! Thanks TheSambassador!