Transfer uvs from static character to the same rigged and animated character.

Hello there, I’m having some troubles with some low polies characters I’m working on.

The problem is quite simple, I have a static character, which is not rigged, this one is fully unwrapped and textured.
Next to it, I have as well, the same mesh, this time rigged and animated, but uvs aren’t done yet.

So what I would like to simply do, is to apply uvs from my static mesh to the one animated, as they are the same, that should work whitout any problem. (Although I mostly use this only on statics meshes usually, first time I try with an animated mesh and that doesn’t work).

Anyway, I use CTRL+L (the join uvs function in fact). When I open the uvs of my animated mesh, they look good, well unwrapped, but on my model, the texture seems totaly messed up, not applied correctly.

Anyone would have an idea, a way to fix it please ?

It’s really important for me to have this function working on animated character in this case…

Supply blend file

Thanks but after some hours looking for a solution, It seems, It’s now working corretly. It seems I’ve found a way to fix it.

Here is the way I fixed my issue.

  1. I deleted the half of the animated and rigged character (I left the skeleton, I just deleted the half of the polygons once again).

2)I deleted as well the half of the static mesh which has overlapped uvs (as a mirror modifier had been applied just after I had done the uvs on the half of the mesh, uvs were still good).

  1. I copied the uvs from my static mesh, to the destination object (the animated character) => CTRL+L -> transfer uvs LAYOUT, and magic, it works !!!

I don’t fully understand why this way it works, but maybe It’s related to the fact my uvs were at first overlapped…
As to save some uvs space, I had uved the half of the character and then apply a mirror modifier, which means uvs were overlapped, quite normal…

I hope It’s clear and that will help other people who might need some help for a similar issue.