'Transfer Weights' tools grayed out?

I’m unable to share a .blend since it’s a copy-written mesh, so I’m hoping somebody here has had this issue before and can share what they did to solve it.

For what ever reason this is suddenly grayed out when I try to do it. I’ve done this a million times in the past and I’ve never encountered this problem.


My steps:
-Parent mesh to rig with empty groups
-Select original mesh and then new mesh
-Toggle into weight paint mode and click ‘Transfer Weights’

The new mesh has no modifiers, shape keys, groups… or anything like that. I’ve also tried transferring from other meshes. No matter which meshes (to and from) I use it’s grayed out. This has never happened to me before…

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I figured it out … it grays it out if you have ‘global undo’ disabled in user preferences.


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Wow, thank you! I had problem with that too. This is one of the bad parts of Blender that needs to be fixed.