transfer weights

hi all, im trying to trasnfer armature character weights to a cloth i have created.
i click on cloth, shift click on armature and i use empty groups than i click on character, shift click on cloth, switch to weight paint mode and i click on transfer weights but nothing happens.
i tryied to change some settings in the weight toll panel but it wont works, im using blender 2.78a.
so i downloaded old version of blender like 2.73 and the tool panel is different (only few option) but it works.
there is a problem with blender version im using or what? any help?

You don’t need to use empty weights when parenting the cloth to the armature. I generally just use Armature Deform. Then select the character and shift select the cloth. Go into weight paint mode and click transfer weights. To this point you’ve already got it.

The transfer weights options are whats critical. And there’s only two that are necessary…

From the Vertex Mapping drop down menu, I like to use Nearest Edge Interpolated. Nearest Face Interpolated should actually give better results, but in the past it’s been flaky for me, so I use nearest edge, and it gives really good results.

And for Source Layer Selection choose By Name. That will transfer all the groups.

If you’ve been trying to transfer the weights in your current blender session, save your file and reopen it. That will reset all the transfer weights options back to the defaults. Then you only need to change those two options to get a decent result.

ok thx it works, i think the problem was the source layer selection