transfere settings from 2.47 to 2.48

I have set up my settings on 2.47 to start up 100% how I want. Everything from undo’s to moving the button bar to the side of the screen. Without redoing everything on the new install is there a way to transfer my settings to the new install? That would save me a lot of time.

Can it be done?


Settings are saved in a blender file called “.B”, AFAIK.

This file can be found in different places depending on the location you chose during your last installation.

It may be in your “\Blender Foundation\Blender.blender” directory in “Program Files” or in “%userprofile%\Application Data\Blender Foundation\Blender.blender”.

The setup should not remove your user settings but backup the file, just in case.

just do Ctrl-U to save your settings


You shouldn’t answer things unless you understand the question. All you do is confuse people.

@OP: Yeah, what man of steel said is correct, the file .B.blend in /.blender is the config file. Remember to copy over all your scripts, plugins, and icons to the new installation. I have a separate directory full of my scripts plugins, icons, setup files, and config files; this way whenever a new release comes, I can just delete the old one and copy the files to the new.

Before your transfert it you first of all need to save the user preferencest !
which was not indicated by anybody - it;s only ro make certain that it is not forgotten
in the process

Before you transfer? I all do is go into the new blender version, click F2 to open a file, go the C:\Programs\Blender Foundation\Blender.blender\B.blend, once that is open I hit Ctrl+U like RickyBlender said and there you go, everything is saved.

EDIT: But if you installed over the old version, so you can’t open 2.47 anymore, then the B.blend file might be deleted. If that happens you have to customize your layout and preferences all over again,

wow Thanks everyone! I will try this tonight when I get home and download 2.48. Wish me luck:)

It’s actually darn simple :wink:
Open blender 2.47, and save right away,
to somewhere on your harddrive .
Then open blender 2.48, open the file
and then do [ Ctrl-U ] (save default settings)

And voila, thats it.

Yes, you can load the .B.blend file and save settings, but this will only load your default scene, interface, and screen layout. If you want all your settings and your theme, the only way to tranfer that is to physically copy the old .B.blend file to the new installation.

Doesn’t it automatically transfer settings? At least that’s what it has always done for me…

I noticed this tonight on the install. Everything I could think of came up on 2.48 as it did in the past. Nothing was different. I spent about 10 min checking things and it all seemed fine… Did anyone else run into this??

Wow. Y’all are right. I guess you learn something new every day. I could have sworn that I had tried that before with limited success. :o

Yes, in general, setups check for files in %userprofile% and keep them intact. But you never know, it’s always better to waste some time backing up your settings, than to be sorry.