Transfering Blender Files between PC and MAC

I am getting a new laptop (current one PC) and I am wondering is people have issues when transferring Blender Files. If I go with a Mac, would I have trouble moving my Blender files over to the Mac, and if I do run into trouble what are some solutions?


You shouldn’t, blend files are blend files and are OS agnostic. Everything I did in Windows works on Linux.

In other words the blend files I have right now won’t work on a mac?

They will work on mac, win and linux. At work I have win and mac pcs, and at home use linux, and have no problem syncing files back and forth.

Only problem can be the linked files, like textures, but that only happens if you use absolute paths.
I use lots of linking and have had no problems if they are relative (that happens if you use the same os too of course, so it is not a issue with changing os anyway).

so, there should be no problem swapping from pc to pc, os to os, whatever system it is, it is very stable.