Transfering blender files from a newer version to an older one

Hello, I’m in the process of learning Blender so I can make some models for Skyrim, and I understand that as of right now, only Blender 2.49 supports nifskope plugins (a necessary medium to converting blender files into something the Bethesda engine uses) but the problem is that the Blender tutorials I follow on wikibooks use version 2.63. There are a lot of differences between these versions, and many of the hotkeys are different, and its been a chore trying to cross-reference and locate menus cited in the tutorial in version 2.49.

My question is, would I be able to create my model in the 2.63 version of the program, then load it in the earlier 2.49 version and use that to export to NifSkope, or will it not open because its an older version of the software? I wouldn’t want to spend a lot of time painstakingly modeling something only for it to not be compatible, and while I can use 2.49, its clunkier and much more difficult to follow the tutorials with. And the Nifskope plugins are incompatible with the latest Blender versions for the foreseeable future.

Thanks in advance.