Transfering from Blender to Endorphin

I am a n00b user for both these programs. I have been pretty much playing with Blender for a few months now. My question was, what does it take to bring a 3D model from blender over to Endorphin so you can animate your 3D model through endorphin instead of Blender (with armatures, etc.) What would it take? I have a few 3D models only, no armatures, etc, and I wanted to make them move with the really awesome endorphin physics engine. Any answers, links, advice, or anything on this topic would be really cool.

you own a dollar application and than you model with Blender?

saying you are a noob i rather get the feeling you have a pirated version.

please do not ask about pirated software here.

other wise the manual should tell you which 3d formats Endorphin will accept.

  1. who cares if its pirated? dont be so anal

  2. There is a kinda trainee version of Endorphin that is free…and offered on their website…for n00bs like me…it says so…on their website.

However, i will thank you for the rather quick reply.

  1. who cares if its pirated?

I assume naturalMotion would.

dont be so anal

The forum cannot encourage such things, as they are illegal. Asking someone to follow the rules is not being anally retentive.

About your question, I assume most have not purchased this software, so you would have more information than most. What formats it uses, etc. Then look for an exporter, or write one. All the information you need should be here. If you get stuck, then come and ask for specific help, someone will help you.


God cares… and he is crying now.