Transfering UV Map total mess

Hey there,

  1. create mesh in blender
  2. export .dae (not triangulated)
  3. unwrap in 3d Coat
  4. import unwrapped .dae back to blender
  5. transfer UV map from imported mesh to original one
  6. UVs get totally messed up

What am i doing wrong? Why cannot I transfer UV map from externally unwrapped object to original one?
Is there some kind of vertex ordering mess up going on? Thanks

Why are you trying to transfer the UVs, why not just use the imported mesh ?
Why use .dae ? Try .obj which has option to export vertex order or .fbx ?

Supply demo blend file and the .dae file etc for review

Cannot use imported mesh since working with multiple UV maps, some of them are created in blender, others in 3d coat, need to combine them all under one object’s UV map list. Why I use .dae? Didn’t notice that UV Transfer doc would say do not use .dae. This same thing happened with .obj as well. Should I check vertex order when exporting?

Should I check vertex order when exporting?
If you want to keep vertex order then it would most likely be the thing to do
Also no example files supplied

Sorry, cannot do an example file right now, not allowed to share that model :confused: But yeah, keeping vertex order and using .obj seems to solve the problem!

So if I understand it correctly - if during export/import vertex order gets changed - I cannot transfer UVs from one model to another? Anything else to watch for? THanks