Transfering UV's between meshes - not achieving desired results!

Hi all,

So…I’m trying to transfer UV data from my “Finished” mesh, back to my original “Base Mesh”.

Here is an incredibly detailed diagram:

So…left is my original base mesh, which I created for future character projects.
Right is the same mesh, but a “used” version, shall we say. I’ve sculpted on it (only really the face) with multires (and applied base shape), and used this version of the mesh to UV unwrap for my most recent project.

An oversight of sorts on my part, was realising that I didn’t have an easy peasy way of re-using base textures, which would be incredibly handy for future projects, as I never UV unwrapped my original base mesh, which was stupid… So I figured, I’d just be able to copy the UV’s from the right model, over to the left, problem solved!

But, no…

Blender is cruel, and merciless, and does NOT comply!

No-matter what technique I use, be that built in Blender options, or Magic UV, or whatever…I always seem to have this problem, where it almost copies one half correctly, but completely sh*ts the bed when it comes to the other side. It also kinda does transfer the UV’s aswell, but it’s the same. One half is correct, and the other half is a total mess.

Anyone got any ideas? It seems like it should be really easy. They’re the same mesh, more or less. I don’t really understand why it doesn’t just work…you know?

Now I could just use my “finished” mesh (right) as my new base mesh, and modify it. but that would take a little time to make it all neat and tidy again, and more neutral, which is the point of a base mesh.

I do wonder if you could easily write some python code to transfer object data or something, but keep UV info? I’m a little Jon Snow when it comes to python though - I know nothing!

Anyway - if anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

Thanks as always! :smiley:

Did you try “object”, “make links” and “transfer UV maps”?

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Sure have. That one actually does nothing at-all!

And the active object was the one with the UV mapping, right? I am not thinking you don’t know how to proceed, but since you did not describe your procedures or shared any file I need to check.

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That is strange, cause I made a test with that and it works perfectly. Weird.

It was, yes :slight_smile:

I’m an idiot. Let it be known…

Took all of 5 seconds. UV Magic held the key. The UV Transfer tool, which I didn’t know how to use, so just overlooked. But then, I…read the documentation. I know, I know…what a concept, eh?

Bloody hell…

It was easy after all.

Thanks for the help though!

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