Transferring All Of My Work To Another Computer


I have a bunch of .blend files that I want to transfer to a new computer. The problem is, the old computer is a Mac, and the new one is a PC. When I try to move or copy any of the files, they do not open correctly on the PC, with no textures, as the file-location structure is from the Mac. For example, “----/Users/Folders/Desktop/Blender Pictures/HullPlating1.jpg” would be a typical structure. The PC, however, does not have the same structure, and cannot find the files, even if they are loaded to the computer on a USB. I need to transfer everything off of the Mac, to free up space. I need to have the textures with the files, or hours of work is gone. Thanks in advance!


Easiest option is to pack all the external files into the blend file before copying it over (File / External Data / Pack all into .blend

After loading the packed files to the computer, I would like to have the folders back as they were on the mac, as in a folder “Blender Pictures”, a folder “Wood Textures”, a folder “3D Models 1”, etc, so that I could still find the files and folders from scratch as well. Would Unpack All .blend do all of this for me?


If you use the unpack option it will create a textures folder in the same location as the blend file and add all the textures to that folder.

Thank You!