Transferring animation to DVD

Regardless of whether I’ve encoded AVI raw files to mpeg 2 using TMPNG or transcoded uncompressed quicktime files using Adobe Encore, my animation when placed on DVD looks great on the Televsion but crap on the computer. Does anybody know why? On the computer, everything looks dark and the color you can see appears practically neon, mainly blues and reds. Sounds like it needs color correction, but none of the encoding utilities allow for that.

Commercially prepared DVDs look fine on my 'puter, so I figure it must be something about the way I’m saving my animation files or an encode setting of which I am not aware in those particular DVD authoring utilities.

I’ve prepared some animation for the TV station where I work, and the producers took it, transcoded it to quicktime, then DVC Pro (we use only Adobe products there), and it looks great on the equipment at work, whether TV monitor or computer.

What is different about animation that it will not encode like ntsc video?? Is there a sure fire solution to be used?

I thank you all in advance for any help you can provide.