Transferring inputs

I’m new to Blender, and trying to use it to export Torque DTS files with a script I’ve downloaded and installed. Included with the exporter script is an example .blend file that has several objects the exporter looks for, like collision and texture information, in addition to the rendered geometric object. Even if I import a second model into the scene, the exporter ignores it. What I think I need to do is substitute the new object for the example object. In other words, I’d like a way to take all the inputs for the example object, and instead connect them to the new imported object. Is there an easy way to do this in Blender?

Again, I still have difficulty navigating and doing simple things in Blender. I’ve used Maya extensively though, so I know basic 3D concepts.


Anyone? To my mind it’s a simple operation: take every object that gives information to a secondary object, and transfer the data so that the objects instead point to a different object. I was under the impression this was the best place to get advice on using Blender…even linking me to more reference material or another forum is better than nothing.

if you direct us to the sample script and blend we might be able to help. I’m guessing the exporter is hardcoded to use specific object names or other such practices.