Transferring Modo mesh to Blender. I'm stuck. Please help

I want to find the best format to transfer a modo edge-weighted mesh model to blender. Which formats transfer best and how can I tell if the edge-weighting data is still there? I’ve had the best luck with .obj, and .fbx. In modo, shift+tab shows a creased smoothed model. My model comes into blender unsmoothed and without creases. I’m sure this is a noob question, but what’s the best way to do this?

Can Modo export LWO? there is a LWO importer for 2.83

Modo can export LWO. When you say there is an importer for Blender 2.83 does that mean it also will work in 2.91? And (stupid newbie here) Blender won’t open LWO, so I need to download the importer plug-in and import thru there?

Thanks for your help.

3rd party addon, here:

This version is better than the older addon which didn’t handle NGons well or deal with curves, which I tended to convert to 2-pt polys in LW. Not sure if the latter is still applicable mind you.

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Does LWO support >edge< weighting? IIRC all it has is Point Weighting, which may/may not make a difference.

Don’t think so, always had to rely on edge loops in LW.

I ask because the OP specified “edge-weighted”.

Yes. I’m interested in “edge-weighted” edges/creases. In Modo, you can have a relatively low poly model but add a crease or a radius of varying sharpness by edge-weighting instead of beveling. I have probably 100+ Modo meshes I want to transfer to Blender but since I don’t know the software (yet), I feel like Helen Keller after someone rearranged the furniture.

Hi Colkai. I downloaded that add-on and couldn’t get it to work. Are add-ons specific to versions of Blender? If the add-on is for 2.80 and I’m using 2.91, am I out of luck?

I tried loading the zipped and unzipped software. Blender said it was loaded, but I couldn’t get it to enable.

Ahh, I’ve found 2.91 to be less helpful in certain things. You can download the portable ZIP of 2.83 if it isn’t on your system, works fine on that. the shift from 2.79 to 2.8 had API changes, likewise to 2.91 I’ve found.
Head over here and get 2,83 if you need to.:lab_coat:

Sorry, I’m confused as hell. Blender 2.91 takes up 460Mb of space on my hard-drive. If I understand correctly, add-ons are specific to releases of Blender. So if I want an add-on that works for 2.83, I need Blender 2.83 and only Blender 2.83? Blender 2.81, 2.82 and/or 2.91 won’t work? It’s not backwards compatible? Blender 2.91 won’t open an add-on from 2.83?

What do Blender users do? Have every release on their hard-drive at 400+Mb a shot? Have all their hotkeys and their workspace set up and customized on each version? Is there some way to do this automatically? It seems so obtuse.

The 2.79 -> 2.80 and 2.8 -> 2.90 were considerable changes, so the API has evolved considerably, thus the need for addons to be updated accordingly. 90% of addons work fine from 2.80 -> 2.91, some don’t.
However, 2.79 to 2.80 was significant, so they require different code, but again, not for every addon, depends what sections of the API they deal with. Hotkeys by and large are the same across versions. Workspaces are an idividual thing, some people stick with the defaults, others have highly customised versions, but these by and large can be saved ad Blender will offer to try and migrate them on installing a new release.
Hard disk space, yes, you can expect major releases to require their own area, but given that £30 will get you a 1TB disk these days, not a big deal.

Colkai, I can’t thank you enough for your help. Here’s what my strategy is going to be:

For now, I’m just going to use Blender 2.83. Is it safe to assume that an addon written for 2.80, 2.81, 2.82 will work in Blender 2.83? Are models built in earlier versions…(let’s just say Blender 1.80) …can those be opened in newer versions of the software?

Absolutely, I use the same structure.