Transform along normal? (noob)

Hello BlenderArtists,

I’m very new to Blender, but I’ve been lurking here for a bit (mostly reading tutorials) and decided to join today…

Anyway, I had one question about Blender’s (pretty sweet) interface… Is there a way to transform vertices/edges/faces based on the geometry of their object? For example, if I have created a cube, then rotated it… can I elongate the cube without also skewing it?

Also, does Blender (or any plugin) have a way to measure the angle between two edges? That would be really helpful (and if it doesn’t exist, could someone help me develop it? I have some C/C++ experience…)


EDIT: Found the search function (sorry should have tried that first), and possible solution… Setting the transform widget should do it…

For this you need local coordinates.
So make sure that you see either Global or Local on the header of the 3D area because blender can also take into account the Viewing plane (View for shorts) and the Normal which could also be set up in the same button.
In your example you could press the Skey for scale and the Xkey, Ykey or Zkey, according to your needs, once for global coordinates and a second time for local coordinates ; or use the transformation widget if it is set to Local.

On a per object basis and only for meshes. Go into Edit Mode (TAB). In the Edit buttons (F9), panel Mesh Tools 1, check the Edges Angle button.

Thank you for the quick reply! I’ll try your suggestions ASAP :slight_smile:

Is Alt+Space the hotkey I should use to switch between local/global?