Transform constraint problem

Transformation constraint problem
I think that this problem is probably very easy to solve, but Im kind of stuck here.

I have a cube and I want it to when I move the upper empty on the X axis the cube rotates on the y axis, the same should happen with the cube on the right.

The setup is working kind of well with only one contraint, but I need two, so, what happens is that only the constraint below is actually rotating the cube, if I turn the influence down for both of the contraints the rotatin is reset at a specific point.

So I know that I could create another empty and parent the cube to it, but it ll not work properly for me on this case, so, how can I make this two constraints work properly, and why is this happening, that way I could add other constraints to that object later.



I think I have a solution for you.


Constraint_Transform.blend (72 KB)

Thanks HG1 but its not working, I made something like that but the rotation is not real, at an specific point the cube rotation resets itself, if you mae a cube like I did, you ll see that the faces ll swap places.

But thanks for the help.

If you don’t want the euler flips (180°) then you can use the “Copy Rotation” constraint.


Constraint_CopyRotation.blend (73.1 KB)

OK, thanks HG1, I found other ways to make it, but I wanted to understand why that didt worked. aniway, thanks a lot for you time!