Transform Gizmo: all axis scale?

When using the Transform gizmo, thus:

It’s simple to scale on any given axis, 'cuz, the handle is right there.

Is it possible to Scale on all axes simultaneously when using the Transform gizmo?

The easiest way, in the case of a 3-axis scale, is simply to press the S key … (locks the 3 axes)
- Key S + Z or Y or X, locks on the chosen axis
- S + SHITF + Z or Y or X key, ONLY locks the selected axis

With the Gizmo, click on the circular area …

Using the Transform gizmo, not Scale with its gizmo. (The central circle of the Transform gizmo just moves the selected items.)

It’s hardly a problem, since Scale is one keypress away, but it seemed odd that they’d have an ALMOST everything tool (Transform) without including an “all axes Scale”. :man_shrugging: