Transform in CVS Sequencer

I downloaded the last CVS Build …and i see the new Transform capabilities (rotate, scale, shift) to the sequencer.

This is AMazing


where do you get the builds? i used to do graphicall, but i cant find another place. could you give me a link?

Download here:

thanks again

and also this New Amazing Features:- FORWARD CYCLING & MATCHING
…some Mancandy Blend files and videos!!

This is so Great!!!
…Thanks Ton and all the Developers for this new Features!!!

That’s sounds great, but i can’t imagine quiet well… please, can you describe all these new features? Screenshot?


I tried downloading from…x.php3?zoo=com many times and it always gives me a corrupted zipfile. The site being french doesn’t help either.

LOGAN…you are right!
Attention : is no more compatible
with Internet Explorer 6.xx .

Use Mozilla, Firefox, flashget or
others tools to download

… use Firefox for Download it works ok to Unzip!
(No corrupted zipfile) error message!
or you can use 7Zip to Unpack to Content and then Extract!!

or download from here 01/Nov CVS…


At the moment only the goal values affect the render, or did I something wrong?!

I have just downloaded today’s CVS build from Blender Builds but I still can’t use this cool feature. Anyone succeded with goal AND start values?

hmm, the build you linked vassilios i cant seem to work it out. Anybody able to clarify how to do the new transform stuff in sequencer?

ok, I cheated and looked at the source code…

the start buttons are for when you set up a ipo curve for the plugin. As the ipo value changes, the value used by the plugin is between the start and end values in proportion to the ipo value (0->1).

If you don’t set up an ipo, all you will get is the end value so it seems like the start buttons don’t do anything :wink:

LOL, that’s the only documentation we poor user peons get

I didn’t “notice the end value only thing”, but it seeme like it would only “work”, i.e. do something with the start and end values with an IPO.

Thanks for confirming.

Since you can read source code, how about looking at the “stride bone” problem in this thread :

I’ll take a look at the sources too, though it will probably make no sense to me :slight_smile:


>>> dang… did it again

Nevermind, from my experience I can confirm it is much more fun that way.

Managed to set up an ipo for it. Thanx! (Ctrl+LBM - why didn’t I try it before?!)

Eh? How does rotate work there ? The Video seq tool right ?

-In Blenders Sequencer editor: Add a Image or Movie (Browse and Choose).
-Next click again in the Header -Add …-Effect-Transform and Place the “Transform” Strip over the (Image or Movie) Strip.
-So you have 2 Strips vissible in the Sequencer Editor!
-In the Sequencer Window Select the “Transform Strip” (right mouse click) and Press the “N” button (so you see the Strip Properties Panel) for the Transform Effect!(Notice:Press “N” button on Keyboard with your mouse in the Seuencer window…to open the Panel)
-You see in this Panel rot Start:0.00 and rot End:0.00
-change this numbers 0-360 to see the Effect Rotate

i hope this helps!


Oh that kind of rotate… silly me