transform location of a weight painting

I am searching for a way to transform the location of a painting in weight paint mode. I want to copy a vertex group and put the weight painting to another place in the object (wave).

ps: if you know how to copy shape keys in the same object, can you tell me how?

thank you


wave1.blend (547 KB)

Not sure if you can move vertex groups around like that with weight painting - you could maybe try using the Displace modifier with a texture instead. Not sure what you’re using the groups for actually, so not sure if that’s helpful.

For the shape key thing, to duplicate a key - set the value of the shape you want to duplicate to 1.0, then under the +/- buttons in the Shape Key section there’s a little down arrow (v) - click that and select “New Shape from Mix”.


Quick thought on your moving vertex groups problem - try the “vertex weight proximity” modifier, it can generate vertex weights based on how close another object is, so you could have an invisible “control” object that you move to modify the wave.