transform/move vertex based on edge direction?

Hi everyone,

I am currently a MODO user, have been since version 1 but am now wanting to use Blender in my pipeline a lot more. I am primarily a modelling artist and there are some modelling features in MODO I can’t seem to find in Blender. One of them is the ability to transform/move a vertex based on a edge. eg. to move a vertex along the length an edge. Is this possible in Blender? Or, if not, is there a feature or workflow in Blender that accomplishes the same?


Use an edge to create a custom transform orientation

Use Edge Slide

Awesome, thank you Richard!

Richard, thank you for the quick reply.

If I have well understand what you are asking :

Select the vertices : then Shift + v work as Edge slide but for vertice ( vertex ).

Vertex Slide will transform a vertex along one of its adjacent edges. Use Shift-V to enter tool. Highlight the desired edge by moving the mouse, then confirm with LMB. Drag the cursor to specify the position along the line formed by the edge, then LMB again to move the vertex.

More infos and additional control:


Yes, thanks to both Lane and Richard! Exactly what I was after.