Transform multiple vertices? flatten / snap to?

Hi there… this is probably easy, but i’d love to know the answer… Specifically if it can be done with the transform coordinates (the “N” key i believe it is).

Say i’ve got a few vertices in a mesh that are uneven (in terms of one axis… think Z for instance)

Is there a way to use the transform menu to set all the vertices to a specific coordinate INSTEAD of it saying “median Z”? can this be done with the snap to menu? How to “flatten” uneven mesh spots is a way to think of this as well.

Thanks for your help


well, there are two methods that I usually use

  1. select the vertices and press ‘s’ -> ‘z’ -> ‘0’ to put all the vertices in the same z-position, then move then set the ‘Median Z’ value in the transform properties.

  2. put the cursor in the wanted z-position, select the wanted vertices and set pivot to 3d cursor, then press ‘s’ -> ‘z’ -> ‘0’

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wow, do i feel dumb, i overcomplicated a little much, thanks morio!!

Thanks for that. I forgot you could do it so simply. Dang, everything in blender is so easy if you can remember it!