Transform orientation 2.8.2 - Issue?


I’m a new user, i’m having trouble with the global and local transform orientation. In edit mode when i try to rotate an object about the X-axis. My gizmo is in global transform orientation. But when i switch to local, the gizmo still has the same orientation as the global transform. In object mode, the gizmo does turn in the correct direction.

I’d like to know if in edit mode you can rotate your object and then change your transform orientation because i would like to scale the object in a specific local axis.

Thank you for your help

It’s because you rotate mesh in edit mode and did not change rotation angles to origin.
If you rotate mesh in object mode and then use local it show proper gizmo.

So the Local orientation use origin (pivot) angles but in local selected elements.

Hello Apec,

Thank you for the quick reply. A stupid question, how do you change the rotation angles to origin?


If you rotate the object in object mode, the local coordinate system will follow the object. If you rotate it in edit mode it will not follow the object. There is two solutions to this problem.

One is to rotate the origin of the object.

The other one is to create a custom coordinate system based of your model.

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Hello Ztreem,

The first option i knew about, but the second one is neat! i didn’t know that one. Thanks i’ll try that one.

Still it bothers me that in edit mode, the local orientation behaves differently than in object mode. I’ll have a look at what @APEC told me

Thanks again for the quick replies


exactly what I’m wanted to record in video example.

this is what I explained earlier. When you rotate object in Edit mode it change rotation angles for Pivot (Origin) and then Local orientation use this angles to Gizmo alignment.
But you can use Custom orientation in most cases if Pivot need to be in 0 0 0 rotation.

Hello Apec,

That was what i was doing to get it right. First rotate in object mode then in edit mode. The problem with that method, is that you need to know the exact location/rotation of your object to have the correct orientation. The problem is that sometimes you do some slight changes and your orientation changed, then your orientation is not good anymore.

The second method Ztreem showed me, it’s very cool, you can change your object and create your transform orientation and all that in edit mode. I’m not saying your method is not good, i’ve used it a lot, but i wanted to improve my workflow.

If i’ve misinterpret your explanation, please bear with me, i’m new to blender

Thank you both of you, it’s very helpful. And i think the question has been answered.


Yes, exactly, that’s why Custom orientation is the good choice

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@APEC and @Ztreem, i didn’t know how to use the custom transformation. Now i know about it! I was going crazy about a simple way to get things done. Thank to you both.

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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