Transform Properties?

There are certain attributes in the Transform Properties of an object : Rotation, Location, and Size. Is it possible to apply these transformations to the mesh and set the object transformations to default values?

I ask because it would make it much easier to use the array modifier with an empty. I have already positioned and sized the objects the way I want them, but now in order to use the array modifier along with an empty, I must resize the empty to get it to look right.
It would be better if I could apply the transform properties to the mesh and have the transform properties restored to default values to better interact with the Empty.

(Especially since There are two seperate and differently sized objects I want to treat in that maner, and it would be better to have them Array Modified by a single empty rather than two with different size attributes.)

If you use CTRL+A on an object, the data’s current scale and rotation become normalized, i.e., the object’s rotation becomes 0,0,0 and it’s scale becomes 1,1,1 without moving or resizing the mesh itself. For location, you’ll need to move the data of the object in edit mode, while leaving the object itself at 0,0,0.

Not sure if this is what you need, because I don’t entirely understand what you’re trying to do, but I hope it helps. :wink:

That is exactly perfect! Thanks!

You’re welcome!