Transform Randomize, in Edit mode, but w/Object mode options?

The Transform: Randomize function in Object mode has some features that would also be useful in Edit mode, such as limiting the axes the randomization happens on.

Is there such an ability somewhere?


Activate the Edit Mesh Tools addon and you will find a tool called random vertices in the side panel (n).

It’s like the jitter tool in LW but interactive.


And yet somehow really aggravating. --I get that it’s got more features, but somehow… bleagh. Seems clumsy. Thanks for the hedzup though. It’s better than nothing.

A true “jitter clone” would be welcome, due to Jitter’s simplicity. If one could make it simple and interactive. I should learn to code, but it’s hard enough to keep up with all the myriad developments as it is.

You also have this option in the right click menu.

You can also use the displace modifier. A little more steps but then also non destructive. :slight_smile: