Transform "sensitivity" is too high? Objects moving greatly with small mouse movements

Sometimes when I’m modeling, I want to make really fine movements of verts/objects, but it seems there’s a minimum amount they will move sometimes, and that minimum is very high. If I’m trying to move this cube (1m cube), the minimum it will move is 1/10th of a meter. I can’t move it any less of a distance than that. Is there something I hit accidentally which would change the sensitivity of transforming objects?

I don’t think there’s a sensitivity setting for transforms, but if you press and hold shift after the transform started, that will put it in precision mode.

That said, there’s something fishy in what you said, you can certainly move cubes around with much more precision than 10cm without precision mode.

That helps. This happens to me often and I don’t know what I’m doing, it typically works fine but sometimes it gets really sensitive.

More far away you are from the object pivot( if you use shortcuts for transform). More steps you ll have when you move your mouse.

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Have you activated the snapping tool? (little magnet icon or holding the Ctrl key) If it’s set to Grid it could have this effect.
Otherwise sensitivity is dependant on how close your mouse is to what you’re moving. Start with it close to the active point and any movement is proportionally large compared to that distance, start further away and changes are more controllable.
As already mentioned, holding Shift slows it down even more.

Sorry for digging up an old threat, but I was having the same problem and the true solution isn’t here. Also it’s easier for people to find in the google results this way.

To specify the problem: When in perspective mode and grabbing a vert and dragging it, the vert moves faster than your mouse cursor. And when you’re zoomed in a bit close, it moves a lot faster.

Reason it happens: Your “Transform Pivot Point” is set to ‘3D Cursor’. Set is back to ‘Median Point’ or something if you have no need for 3d cursor anymore.

Why it behaves this way: I have no clue.

Happy Blending!