Transform tool oriented at 3d cursor

:frowning: The gadget with The arrows for moving/scaling/rotating has centered itself on my 3d cursor. Ok, well, I Centered it on the 3d cursor, but I don’t know how. And It’s driving me crazy. :mad:I really want it to stick to the active object. (I really would like to contribute to these forums (Because they’re awesome) but I haven’t found any questions I can answer and I keep coming up with my own questions :no:)

You pressed the period key to set the pivot as the 3d curser
Press the comma key to use bounding box

, = Bounding Box Centre
Ctrl+, = Median Point
. = Curser
Ctrl+. = Individual Origins
Alt+. = Active Element
(shortcuts for OSX, should be the same for other OSs)

hah, i always wondered what the other pivot shortcuts were! i knew bounding box and cursor, but not the others. thanks RK, learn something new every day!