hi there! sorry for my first post being a problem…i was wondering if there’s a way in blender how to animate something like this:

-a drop of mercury transforming into a ballpen. (or any object will do)

–im just curious guys, you think shape keys will work? or maybe there’s a script for this ? hehe. btw, newbie here :smiley:

What about if you used the fluid sim in a pen mold, and ran the simulation backwards?

edit: I should clarify, the simulation would be run forwards, but in the final composite the frames could be reversed…

sounds cool. hehe ok but il have to study fluid sim first. sound like a ton of work, but il try. thanks for the tip. so you could also play the simulation backwards huh, very cool. thanks! :cool:

He! He! It is a ton of work… but it also is a tremendously nice tool! :wink: