Transformation axis lockt to 3d Cursor

Hello all!
I had this problem a already ones before,but didn’t really car to much since I was done with the model I had.Now I am far from done and far from the start.xD

Here is my problem:I was in the middle of modeling when the transform axis (thees blue,green and rad arrows to move the selected vertex) suddenly hopped to the 3d Cursor.Now I can only move the vertex with “G” or by finding the cursor (and with that the transform axis).
I hope some one can tell me which button I pressed to get this mess and how to get it back to normal.
Thanks for your time!

you switched your pivot point to “3d cursor” look for it on the bottom row of buttons in 3D view. assuming you’re using 2.5x it will be two buttons right of the big “mode” drop-down.

Thanks so much this solved it!!!