Transformation Constraint/IPO Driver Idea

It would be nice if objects with the transformation constraint or IPO drivers could target themselves. This would make certain things possible, for instance: You could easily animate a screw going into a surface by having the screw object’s Z axis position drive its own Z rotation by a specific amount. Then all one need do is animate the Z position of the screw and let the rotation take care of itself. :slight_smile:

You can currently do this, but the screw object has to be parented to a system of at least 2 empties/bones.

This is very right idea. I needed such a feature already but it is true that this can be solved using empties/bones.

(I dream that someday we will have node based constraints :-)))) That would really rock and concerning new 2.50 architecture it is not impossible)

i have tried something like this? with simple py-driver-settings
and a function to return the current framenumber like this

def framenumber():
	scene = Scene.GetCurrent()
	Frame = scene.getRenderingContext().currentFrame()
	return Frame

in the text and then used it with sin or cos
in an ipo-pydriverentry to make some cyclic trembles. But if one uses the up-counting framenumber to drive the position … it will change it

Uhm… is it something like this you’re talking about?

For Z rotation in IPO write:


*10 is for faster rotation only