Transformation Constraint not working

Blender 2.63 on MacOSX

OK. So I create a cube and a sphere. Attach Transformation constraint to cube with Sphere as target. Create source and destination settings. Doesn’t work at all.

I can’t find anything online to show how to set it up correctly…

A screenshot of how you have the constraint set up would be helpful.

Here’s a quick and dirty example… see attached file. In it, the cube has the constraint and the sphere is the target. The source (target) is set up to work from -10 to 10. The destination (cube) is set up to work from -5 to 5. Anyway you move the sphere (up to 10 b.u) the cube will copy that movement by half. Change the destination values to a min of 5 and a max of -5 and the cube will reverse it’s movement, moving half the distance the sphere does, in the opposite direction.

Additionally, in the source to destination mapping, if you change it from x=x to y=x and change y=y to x=y, now when moving the sphere in the x-axis, the cube will move on the y-axis, and vice versa - move the sphere on the y-axis, the cube moves on the x-axis.



tansformation.blend (439 KB)