Transformation constraint problem

I think that this problem is probably very easy to solve, but Im kind of stuck here.

I have a cube and I want it to when I move the upper empty on the X axis the cube rotates on the y axis, the same should happen with the cube on the right.

The setup is working kind of well with only one contraint, but I need two, so, what happens is that only the constraint below is actually rotating the cube, if I turn the influence down for both of the contraints the rotatin is reset at a specific point.

So I know that I could create another empty and parent the cube to it, but it ll not work properly for me on this case, so, how can I make this two constraints work properly, and why is this happening, that way I could add other constraints to that object later.



Ok, so, why what I did doesnt worked? I asked that too, because doesnt matter if I see what you are doing here if I didnt learn what to do next

acutally i don’t play much with that settings but it is overlaping i mean that it’s you get rotation from the first one and then from the secound one and that one from secound are replacing from the first one.

tomorow i will check your settings and i will tell you more about that.

Ok thanks Kramon.