Transformation Constraint

Hey guys, thank you all for your help and patience with me. I do a lot of character rigging in blender.

What is the purpose of the Transformation Constraint? And how do I use the constraint?

There is not much about this constraint in the wiki.

Thank you all in advance.

The Transformation constraint lets you move/rotate/scale a constrained object/bone by moving/rotating/scaling the target object/bone kind of like the Copy Loc/Rot/Scale constraints except that you can make the constrained bone rotate by moving the target bone or scale by rotating or any combination you can think of set within the min/max values for an axis .

You can also re-map the X/Y/Z values to any of the three axes, so for example you can make a transformation (move) of the target bone N value in the X axis but make the destination/owner move the same N value in the Y or Z axes .

You can also limit thus to vertex groups .

Here’s a simple example with 2 default cubes :


Trans_Cstr.blend (139 KB)

Thank you. That is a life saver. Thanks for the example file