Transformation Orientation

Hey all, new here, been using blender for about 2 years now for indie game dev, but never mind me.

In blender you have the “Transformation Orientation” selector kajigger(the gizmo that lets you change from global/local/normal/view/gimbal coord system)

What I’m looking for is a way to lock it, much like you would with the cursor(the point where new object spawns)
I need to lock the XYZ axis as shown in with selector on normal with object A selected, deselect object A, select object B and move it along object A’s normal.

How do I do that?
I can’t find it on google but I’m probably not using the right keywords.
I hope I’ve explained what I need clearly, haha.
p.s if this isn’t the place for this question please refer me, but it seems to be “basic”?

You can create custom orientations (called transform orientations), in this case you create one based on A’s then use that to control B. As long as it is created and selected it should stay there (locked as you put). You should be able to find some tutorials for it.


If you mean something else then please provide some screens that describes the issue better.

If this is a matter of doing rotations based on object’s parent (as in A is the parent of B) , you can check my add-on for Modo actions which implements transformation based on parent’s pivot and transforms.

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Thank you so much, this is exactly what I needed.

Took me a while to find where this menu was though, I was only looking on the bottom tool bar(then in the left side menu), but once I found it I figured it out in a second.

PS sorry for my horrible blender terminology, I’ve been using it for a couple years now but I only do basic meshes with a UV map, most of my work is done in Unity.

Thanks again. :wink:

You are welcome. Bear in mind that that stuff is a bit different in 2.8 (my screenshot was from 2.79), though named the same as in 2.79.

I’m actually on 2.78c haha.

btw, this was just for manipulating some geometry on the same object.

also, this is the first time i saw a forum behave like whatsapp with the “replying” kajigger, not saying it’s a bad thing but I was like “WUT :face_with_raised_eyebrow:” (also, a **** load of emoticons)

Default ones are not deletable. When you are one a custom one , there is going to be a split entry on the same pane.

Yeah I just saw it a second after I posted, hehe facepalm