Transformation orientation

Why are there two orientation menus?
What is the difference between using the two menus?

tnx in advance!!

The center one is stored with the scene and is used by all transform tools if their orientation is set to ‘Default’. The left one is a per-tool setting, which takes precedence for a specific tool if not set to ‘Default’. There’s actually one more selector, in the gizmo overlays, which pertains to those legacy gizmos.

Normally I’d recommend to just use the center one, and leave tools at ‘Default’. But if you find yourself in a situation where you typically move in one orientation and, say, rotate in another, that’s where you might set one of the tools to use a specific orientation.

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thanks for the explanation you were very clear. I remember badly or this option was not present in blender 2.7 ?

No, 2.7 didn’t have that. This came along with the new active tools concept of 2.8.

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tnx a lot!!!