Transformer Autobot Prowl

I’m new to Blender…have been playing with it for about 3 months, and finally have an image I am happy with. I am interested in getting some c&c. The model still needs a little more work. I would like feedback on the scene, textures, lighting, composition etc.

I’ve been using elysium for tutorials and inspiration…great site!

Any comments would be appreciated

It looks great.

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cris_2703 try this image. It’s a higher res than the previous.

duhast thanks for the reply…i’m still trying to figure Yafray out. It keeps crashing Blender. I’m sure it’s the operator. As soon as I get an image I’ll post it. As to the size of the figure, I believe he is out of scale with the environment. He really should be larger. In my scene, I think I’ve created him the size that a human would be. He really should be much taller.

I’m new to this whole Forum thing. I’m strugling to figure out how to even post a reply! :expressionless:


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All the materials are too shiny/reflective. You might want to give them some faint cloud textures, and maybe make some decals for knicks and scrapes.

The gun is the worst offender for shininess, give it a second “noise” texture mapped to nor, and pull down some of that reflectivity.

Finally, for some overall wow, I think you should try turning on ambient occlusion. it really adds to the render time, but really makes the model appear more real.

i like the transformer but the scene isn’t very good. maybe try something more interesting or change the lighning of the background scene. a texture for the lights might help to spice it up.

The text on the manhole cover is mirrored. The material in the feet look thin

The gun looks really sharp. Round it out a little.

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Thanks for all the crits. I’ll be working on updates when I find the time(It’s so hard to come by).

How can I correct the text on the manhole cover? The texture is uv mapped. I could map the texure by using an empty(like a decal) but I was wondering how to correct the uv map. I have the same problem with text on the dumpster.

I think you may have set the ray transparent too high for the material on the back of the feet. Unless it was not supposed to be there, of course. i didn’t play with transformers as a child. But other than that, perhaps turndown the raymir on the torso and gun, and your all set. Great piece. :smiley:

i take it its been raining recently… but the sidewalk is still TOO dark of grey. and TOO shiny.

the line doing down the middle of the hood looks like its 2 meshes that have yet to be joined… try selecting that area and removing doubles. if its meant to be there well it just doesnet look right.

and your final imaging, turn your OSA up tat least 11 for a final render because the jaged antialiasing is really sticking out on the bots edges and even the shadows.

If your using post production save the render as PNG or TGA THEN save it as jpg when your done wiht post production just never let the degradation drop below 90% or those jagged edges start to appear.

forgot to mention the “nor” on the ashpault needs to be turned up a bit more becuase the lights reflecting on its surface makes it look still a lil flat.

I’m doubt that it’s your fault. Due to the re-write of the renderer, yafray wasn’t working properly anymore, so they disabled it in the current version…

As far as crits go, I have to agree with NeOmega, that the materials are too shiny… You ever think of using textures to actually dirty him up a bit?

psw0007: Sorry if this sounds stupid but are you sure you’ve installed Yafray seperately? When I had just started out I saw yafray in the list but it crashed when I tried it, and didn’t even realise it wasn’t part of Blender until you download and install.

Great model by the way, your doing much better than me in a much shorter time. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Just to make sure this is constructive, you should definitely follow the advice on the lowering reflectiveness issue everyone has brought up, as a new user myself I got a bit carried away with the mirror stuff myself. LESS IS MORE :wink:

I’m in agreeance on NeOmega’s first 2 points here (BIG time!).
IMO, GREAT renders use 2 things:

  1. Radiosity/Raytracing of SOME sort
  2. UV-Mapped Textures

I think investing some time with both would benefit you a LOT (speaking fdrom experience). Even if you can’t get Yafray working properly, Blender’s internal raytracer works quite well, anyway.

UV Mapping, I think, will help put dints, scratches, etc on the paint work so he doesnt look like he’s just rolled off the factory floor.

As a fan of Transformers, it’s cool to see people beat me to modelling these beauties! (Can’t wait for the movie!)

Peace out!

[Edit] - I just thoiught, with the decals, etc, you may be familiar enough with uv-mapping already - just spruce him up with some dints, scratches, and damage from battle.
I just noticed the “split” down the middle of his hood. Just merge them. (KB Shortcut “W” > Merge)


Larger Image:[IMG][/IMG]

It’s been awhile, but was finally able to find some time to work on this some more. Thanks for all the crits. I worked mostly on the background and on some texturing. Also changed the view. This is still rendered within Blender. I have alot that I would like to do with this, just hard to find the time. I still would like to add the “dents and scratches”. In time I suppose. Thanks again all!


Just another image.

the modelling to me is pretty solid. What I would do is to find some dirtmaps on the web and giving him an all-over with them. Right now he seems like hes just been through the carwash (maybe he has?) :slight_smile:

Also, I noticed in the firsh picture that you really coulden’t see his left foot because of the perfect reflections. If dirtmapping him dosen’t cure that, you could put a ‘noisemap’ on the texture and set it to only use the ‘nor’ channel, that’ll make it seem fuzzy.

Great work so far - subscribed :slight_smile: