Transformer Game.

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Well, I can see the cross hairs just fine. However, the cross hairs are always over the top of the bees head, and looks kinda strange when you are rotating around.

What are the control keys? space is for jump, w to go forward, what about transforming? etc.

I can move the curve to watch him fold up, but dont see the correct key to push. Maybe thats the F key for flip? But you dont have it connected?

Also, when he folds, you can see that the two tires are not connected at all to the bee. Perhaps you could add another piece, an axle or something?

Its fun to watch it go back and forth.

Looking at it again, maybe have the feet, rotate forward and up into his body leaving the wheels, instead of the way they do now, to the back and up.

If you understand. Was there anything else we were to look at?

Also, you have so many lights, do you need all those?

Hey, great work so far! A few things that bother me were that the projectiles when fired just seem to bounce off the wall repeatedly, also a better environment would help, however since it’s just a demo that’s alright. Also Ititrx: to transform press the Q key.

mianz, I really like the controls and the transformation, and the model is absolutely excellent. I had a lot of fun transforming repeatedly, and the car handled well. I personally think that you should add a reflection texture to the car body. It would go a long way.

Your walk animation is nicely done. My only crit would be that it doesn’t look quite “heavy” enough to me. Perhaps a bit more hydraulic action in the leg when the foot comes down would help (some bending at the knee and a little downward motion at the hip joint… idk, I’m not so much of an animator). Or maybe a little camera shaking from the impact of each step?

BTW, the crosshair shows up fine here. Have you considered having the torso track the crosshair target (limited rotation, so the torso doesn’t turn full circle) and using left and right keys (A and D) to turn the character?

what? u guys can see the crosshair? the projectiles are not build yet. it’s only testing. environment is also done already. just that i havent place it in yet.

so guys do u see the crosshair?

he blendenzo. thanks for ur comment. i always admire your works.
but i have no time with the game anymore it’s due on wednesday. currently i’m doing a networking so that two robots can fight in the world.
will upload the new file soonz.
I still have problems with the cursor. i wonder why.

Yeah, the cross hair works fine for me.

Impressive demo!

The model is awesome and the transformation animation is pretty cool too. I’d love to see you turn this into a complete game, It could be a lot of fun. I second blendenzo’s helpful advice, especially the idea about a shaking camera to show the heaviness of the robot.

I have a few reflection maps I’d like to share with you = )

You can get a cool metallic effect in blender with these images. Just UV map the images on your model and be sure to enable reflection in the Image menu.

Good luck man, I hope to see more soon :wink:

Nice images, but you would want your reflection to be of your environment, not those?

hi guys. i already change to my texture of reflection. it’s really looking cool now. although abit too reflective. for now, i am done with my project as i already submited. it’s only free roam, but i am already halfway thru 2 player networking where two robots can fight one another.

credits to all images and texture that i have used. credits to all the tutorial that i came across. thanks.


Quite impressive.

I liked it, something which is pretty hard to make by the looks.

Something which you could try is adding a quick flash just as the last stage of the transformation happens to cover those couple of frames where theres an obvious transition between models. Would just make it a cleaner transaction.

Very good work though, the car is good fun to drive around. :smiley:

edit Wait! Just saw that theres a new version - downloading it now

thanks guys. hope you like it. and may god bless my project results will be good

Damn, thats good. When it first started i really thought it was a professional game. The intro and start menu are great. The music is a very good touch. The car model is excellent, the bot is excellent, and the animation between them is great. I got a slightly lower frame rate than i would have wanted but its not that bad.

Im pretty sure youll get a good grade. :rolleyes:

Hi mianz , i have seen your small 6 megas file and it was <quite impressive> , now …
the second one is 60 megas , and the isn’t fast for DLDing
at least for some <including me, i have got 1 kilo per second instead of 50 kilos >
, so please , can you Upload it to 4shared or to , and splitting it to two files with winrar will be a great idea

regards .

Woah! the download of that one will take too long for dialup. And its on a secure sever, so Dap cant download from it.

Can you mirror it on a different site that allows resume? I think savefile is one. My favorite 4shared, doesnt allow resume. Oh and I think allows resume for downloading large files.

Thanks much, really want to see this!
Later: Dap is a download accelerator for dialup connections. It uses several connections to download and can resume a download after the dialup connection is lost. In other words, it tracks the download in several files then combines them when it is complete. However, some servers only allow one connection at a time, and they do not allow resume. So you have to keep starting over, and cannot download a huge file, ever. lol.

File/Image Uploading Tools


Google Page Creator - for creating webpages, I haven’t tried it yet

don’t use Google for large files as it doesn’t give a bunch of Bandwidth .
Hope this works for u.

Nope, 4shared doesnt allow resume, so the download takes over 5 or 6 hours there, and dialup logs off every 4 hours I think. Used to be 8.

savefile lets you use resume though. Can you upload it there? Thanks.