Transformer Robot

I’ve been working on this robot mesh on and off for the last 2 days. I still need to fix some problems with the armatures. Even though they have defined vertex groups, most of them still move close vertices like they’re set to ‘create from closest boen’ :confused:

But here are some screenshots:

Crits and comments welcome :slight_smile:

That looks sweet so far! Love the intricacy of the inside of the robot, can we see some close up shots? Not sure about your rigging problem, that is an aspect I never really messed with in Blender. I am not a huge fan of the feet though. They look too flimsy for a robot od this size. But otherwise it is awesome! Can’t wait to see it transform!

Thanks for the comment :slight_smile: Yeh, I’m thinking I should buff up the feet, the skinny talons are just there for now till I think of something better. Well I solved the rigging problem, apparently Blender doesn’t like it when you combine two meshes so it kills all your vertex groups to get back at you :confused:

Here’s another screenshot:

Nice work so far!

One question though, what does he transform into? Please make it some sweet car like the 09 camaro, droool

lol I’m still working on what to transform it into, but it definately won’t be something stupid like an egg or a spoon.
Anyways, here are some screens without the armour:

Perhaps you could put armour over the feet too enlarge them? Certainly looks cool and very intricate.