Transformer..Short Vid

Hey guys, inspired by the transformers movie, I did an ultra simple test, with a lot of artifacts, just wanted to flaunt it, Im pretty happy with the bit Ive got.

Reall small download, .mov:

All crits and comments wanted…

Cool little video… especially the camera movement. The shaky cam sure adds a lot of realism.

Wow that was cool :slight_smile: liked it

really cool :smiley:
smooth animation

what…no laser gatlin guns or missiles ??? :spin:

Ha thanks guys,d efinitely a good use of a couple of free hours.


Cool test, cute character. Lakcaj Wobly cam is usually what I aim to eliminate as a cameraman. I thought that we were going to get something with 3 times the volume emerge, as with most transformers :wink: