i’m busy rigging a transformer.

now i ran into a problem
i want to animate the parts moving for the transforming.

but i don’t always want to have to do that again and again if i’m using it for an animation
besides the animation will allways look the different if i do that

now i was thinking, is it possible to animate it like using shape keys or something.
if i do use shape keys it will effect the scale to, and i don’t want that.

drivers don’t work either, i’ve allready tried that

i hope i have explaned it clearly enough.
if not, feel free to ask any questions

have you considered using actions
basically you make one animation save it as an action and use it again and again.
or you could save individual poses and use them again and again.

yeah, that seems to work, and i can shut down actions when i don’t wanna use them

thanx sx-1