Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

Yo! Hey, guys. I was just wondering if anyone else saw Transformers 2? I saw it a couple of days ago, and I think it was. .okay. I mean I have to love it simply because of the visual effects, but besides that, I couldn’t really get into it. To me it was as though they were just sort of trying to flex their muscle and prove that they could make huge explosions. Plus, they added characters that didn’t really add any depth to the story. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the first Transformers, but this one didn’t really captivate me as much. But I still think that the third one will be excellent.

I saw it earlier today and like the CG but felt like a lot of talking parts were kind of over the top. With his mom being overly ditzy and lots of crude sexual humor. Not that I find it offensive it just seemed out of place in a movie like this.

No, see I felt the exact same way. The humor wasn’t offensive, but it just seemed out of place. It was almost as though the humor was just an attempt to fill the holes of the storyline.

Any time that a story about robots adds ‘unrealistic’ elements that only pertain to humans/animals, it makes the story fall short. There is and never will be a ‘female’ robot or ‘twin’ robots or anything of that matter. These are things that just don’t and never will apply to robots.

(unless of course some day someone invented a robot that actually had a gender, could have sex and could reproduce)

Well those robots tried to have sex plenty of times in that movie. Lol, I still think that the 3rd one will be the best, though.

All the stuff I’m hearing about the raunchiness and tons of cursing makes me want to rally to put out a full blown federal ban on the movie and put Micheal Bay in jail because it’s based on the kids toys and as a result tricking families into bringing their kids.

If they start doing that to all movies I won’t even call them Hollywood anymore, their new name would be Sodomwood

The original transformers series did this and it was fine, I don’t suspect that was what was wrong with this movie.

I think maybe it was this:

CD, we talked about this, remember? You’ve made your opinion clear on this subject.

I haven’t seen this movie and don’t plan to, but I know the syndrome you’re referring to. I think it’s the result of creating a movie which could easily be a kids’ movie, but for whatever reason they want to market it to adults. The solution? Add crude jokes to bump up the rating! Easy! Unfortunately the result is always a horrible chimera which is no longer suitable for children or adults. This is what happens when commerce dominates art.

CD I think it is morally wrong to try and ban something that you haven’t seen!

… but then if you do see it,( for research you understand, to confirm your assertion) then I guess it’s wrong to stop others from seeing it and having the opportunity to make up their own minds on it too…

Besides, don’t you have a “ratings” system for movies in the US? so that inappropriate material isn’t seen by the wrong people?

I’m aware of that, but when I heard of stuff like that in what was supposed to be a good action movie I considered never going to the theater or video store again except for maybe some animated movies because I would think you just won’t be able to trust any movie to not have that sort of content anymore.

You have to realize how I feel about this, considering there was sexual content and the S-word in the PG ‘family’ movie Marley and Me for starters.

I have to agree that movie was supposed to be based on a kids series!

The world of TV and movies has changed greatly over the last couple of years!:frowning:


To be honest, I completely forgot that this was supposed to be a kids series. But it’s not even so much the cursing that makes the movie inappropriate. It’s more the super crude humor and that one scene where the security agent rips his pants off. Just. .ugh. Transformers has so much substance that they shouldn’t have needed all of that over-the-top humor. The first one certainly didn’t. I mean sure the first one had some crude humor, but it was subtle and better yet, funny. For example, the scene in the beginning of the first Transformers where Sam is in his room and his mom and dad are trying to come in but the door is locked. Once they’re in, Sam’s mom says something to the effect of “Were you masterbating? It’s okay, we can call it. . Sam’s happy time.” I thought that that was one of the funniest scenes in the movie. Even Megan Fox, the one that plays Sam’s girlfriend, said that the second movie wasn’t about the acting. Michael Bay wasn’t happy about that. Check the link.

I haven’t seen the movie ,but I saw that link. Now after reading this thread I have a feeling that What Fox said had a good bit of truth to it. I know that Shia Lebeufs deadpan delivery of the humorous lines in the first one was one of the better things in the movie for me. I’ll probably rent the dvd when it comes and not have too high of expectations.

Well I’ll put it this way. It is like turning on Mr. Rogers and have him start blaring gangstar rap. The problem is that the humor is crude and something I don’t find funny at 24 that I would hate to have to try to explain to my 5 year old. Stuff like one of the twin robots calls one of the humans a pussy, a robot humps megan fox’s leg, two dogs are shown humping, a Transformer has balls. And your sitting there thinking why did they do this? It is like hearing your gramma swear. It may be funny, mainly because it is akward and unexpected coming from her. I would feel less embarrassed to take my niece to go see the Hangover and I had to show my idea to get into that.

I saw it the 1st day it came out…Yes that makes me cool. It was okay. I liked the first one way better. There were alot of scenes that were jaw dropping. The ending was probably my favorite though.
But if I were going to give this movie a rating out of 10 I’d give it a 7

The ending? Really? I couldn’t stand the ending of Transformers 2. It seemed so corny.

Optimus: “Thank you for saving my life, Sam.”

Sam: Looks up
“Thanks for believing in me.” (WTF? :spin: )

Optimus: Something about memories, blah, blah. And then:

“My name is Optimus Prime.”

Ugh. . I really didn’t like the ending, lol. The whole philosophical speech was appropriate at the end of the first one, but it just seemed like overkill in this one. And then he had to say his name at the end of it? :no: lol

Emphasis mine. Contrary to popular belief, PG does not mean “kids’ movie.” It means (as it says) that “some material may not be suitable for children.” The problem is not so much with the movie industry as it is with a moviegoing public that does not understand how the ratings system works.

Never going to the video store may be the best solution for you, CD. Or you could go and rent old movies made in the days of the Hayes Code. I don’t watch movies I don’t like, but I don’t complain about them, either.

(And this thread will be locked if it continues to be a discussion about the immorality of the movie industry. But you knew that.)

I like ‘Sodomwood’. Say, are the robot fighting scenes any clearer now? It was a little confusing in the first movie.

Lol, it’s funny that you ask that because they’re worse now. I mean don’t get me wrong, they look awesome, but you just can’t tell what’s going on. Even Yahoo! doesn’t understand. Check the link.

I would not watch a movie that messes with monuments of great civilizations as seen in the trailer.
I read the plot in wikipedia and it’s total crap!