Transformers Logo ( typography )

This is just a quick project ( learning typography )
Hope you like it! :slight_smile:

It looks cool!

Thanks agapeschalom!

I really like the texture but I think the depth of field is too harsh.

thanks! I appreciate your opinion about DOF but, i really made that for purpose :slight_smile:

whats the purpose? :open_mouth:

I’d expect that viewer is supposed to read whole word “Transformers”, but as DOF is now it feels kinda akward to read as your focus is centering to ansf letters all the time. It would be fine if there was a reason why that should happen, but as those letters dont really mean anything special I dont think you will archieve anything by using this strong DOF.

Just my humble opinion though.

Hey there! This was my first typography test and yeah it is too harsh. But i like it in this way.
Ja tuon transformers jutun kirjotin ihan sillä kun en muuta keksiny :smiley: