Transformers model (Optimus Prime)

Oh boy, another noob starts a WIP thread, how exciting! But it’s your own fault, this community is just so cordial and inviting to everyone that I couldn’t resist posting.

So I downloaded blender about a month ago and have been running through a bunch of tutorials and blah blah bah…Here’s some renders from my first project!


Adding on to my previous post here’s what I’ve got so far for hands. I’m about to start on the arms but I’m quickly learning how difficult it is to model off a single comic book illustration. If anything is glaringly off I’d greatly appreciate a comment.


great start, i was attemped optimus a while back, was almost finished when finished and i found that my wife had reformatted my pc.

look forward to seeing mor rogress.

Hey cool, good start on the head, might add a little more detail to the sides. Can’t wait to see the body.