TRANSFORMERS MOVIE (LIVE ACTION)- characters so far...

I am making a Transformers short film. you can see progress here: These are the robots that are finished.


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My goal is to make these robots look as photorealistic as i can. (i am using blender internal) Tell me what you guys think?

Wow, really nice! A tip for renderings with reality in background: take a video of the street. Things like moving leaves on the trees or a bird flying around make the scene more than twice as realistic :slight_smile:

Love the transforming animations! especially the recoiling/jerking details on each part as it moves, gives it that Transformers not-too-high-tech feel.

thankyou guys!
@SebastianBauer I wanted to add a video BG’s but, i thought, its only an animation test… and i don’t have the time to get footage, matchmove it, composite it…etc etc, but if you want to see my latest test, (ironhide) which came out yesterday, you can see it bellow. (it was matchmoved onto a road near my house)

For photo realism, make almost EVERYTHING reflective. Bumps up render times a whole lot though so get prepared. Currenty I can’t see any reflection, not even on the panels which should be extremely glossy.

The animations are good too.

One little thing…isn’t this technically illegal?..

Hey there 3d RyLeY

They look really good, the transformations are great. I’d love to see how you’ve rigged them, as I was pondering transformers a little while ago?

As far as legality, I’m sure this counts as fan Art so is probably Okay. I think they are fine with this kinda stuff. If in doubt just don’t use the trademarked names, come up with your own.

Edit: Oooh, Could I just say, this should prob be in works in progress section

Could you fake the reflection with a global mapped probe shot from the location (probe=mirrored ball)? That way you don’t have to raytrace every frame, but the reflections wouldn’t show it’s own moving pieces of course.

@pointedit i have 2 reflections. a image mapped one and a raytraced one.

@kettlefish i have every seperate piece of the car rigged up to an Armature. i also have my robot rig folded up inside the car (part of the same Armature object) and then i just parent the different car armatures to whatever robot armature is near.

@wefyb errr… is this actually illegal? because i had no idea… its not like i am making money off it or anything. :confused:

and i might make a video on the rigging just so you guys can see :slight_smile:

3d RyLeY

A video of the rig would be great. Like I said I’ve pondered a transformer before but there seems to be very little practical info online. I did start a vehicle a while ago for the purpose of making a transformer, in fact I think I’ll dig it out and have another go.

I wouldn’t worry about the legality of it…Much

  1. it’s fan art, Have you seen how much transformer fan art there is about!
  2. I doubt hasbro can trademark the concept of robots, turning into other objects
  3. if in doubt give them different names, that’s my worry would lie. infringing trademarks and copyrights.
  4. You could always reference them aswell, i.e. Based on transformers by hasbro inc etc…

Having said that though, it’s an interesting question. Fan art seems to be becoming more and more common. Topic for another thread though I won’t jack his one.

So…Nice work 3d RyLeY, any vids, blends, you’re willing to share would be appreciated.

I am making it now. :slight_smile:

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Here you go everone… a rig demo by RyleySwanFilms

Nice one 3d RyLeY.

Lot of bones there. Looks like it’s going well, looking forward to your short film.