Transforming Bow

Hi :blush:

This is a type of bow where the entire frame collapses into a short sword or large dagger. It’s the main weapon used by Raven, one of the party members in my favorite video game: Tales of Vesperia, which is now available in English on all platforms: . While the frame is based on Raven’s bow, the design is based on Hanzo’s Casual Skin from Overwatch. I wanted to see how Hanzo would look if he fought using a similar style, and plan on modeling a knife next to act as a side weapon. Then I want to try and make custom Highlight Intros with these in SFM.

Critiques are welcome, and I’ll try to fix some of the glaring issues when I revisit this eventually.

Raven’s Transforming Styles:

Hanzo’s Casual Bow Reference:

Texture sources:

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